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Platform Technology Enables Real-Time Insurance

  • 3 min read

Platform technology lowers the cost for insurance distribution. Platforms enable Real-Time collaboration, reduce inefficiency and improve service delivery. The platform is a cloud native shared platform underpinned by robust automation for all stakeholders in the insurance distribution vertical. The shared platform should not be confused with a cloud version of a Policy Administration System… Read More »Platform Technology Enables Real-Time Insurance

Insurance Must Up Its Game for Service

  • 3 min read

Today’s customers are more informed, with better access to technology and abilities to use it and have higher expectations beyond insurance industry standards. Expectations gleamed from experiences in other industries. Customer expectations and satisfaction relative to responsiveness are not necessarily set by a company’s competitors in their industry. A customer… Read More »Insurance Must Up Its Game for Service

How to Measure Insurance Efficiency

  • 3 min read

Despite advances in technology, insurance customers continue to endure the financial burden caused by lack of insurance innovation. Either no one likes to talk about it, or it is just not sexy enough to write about. Most are thinking with investment pouring into insurance startups how could anyone declare that… Read More »How to Measure Insurance Efficiency